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Lust: The Well-Known Deadly Sin

This week begins a six-week sermon series on the infamous “Seven Deadly Sins.” You will not find this literal list of human offenses anywhere in Scripture, although references to and examples of each of them are found throughout the Bible.

A Seaons of Becoming: Restoring and being restored for the transformation of the church and world

Click the image above to download a list of devotions for your use throughout the season of Lent. We hope it adds meaning and depth to this season for you.

The list commonly known today comes from a fourth century monk from Marseilles by the name of John Cassian who created the list as a way of guiding his fellow monks.

Pope Gregory adapted the list in the sixth century and it became widely accepted as not only important for monastic life, but for secular life as well: 1. Lust, 2. Pride, 3. Anger, 4. Gluttony, 5. Greed, 6. Envy, 7. Sloth

Transfiguration Sunday is a good time to explore this particular list because it provides a powerful example of one deadly sin on John Cassian’s list; and if the purpose of following Jesus is to transform us then examining what went wrong with Peter’s response on the mountain can only be to our benefit.

I think it is helpful to remember the literal meaning of sin means to “miss the mark” and comes from the example of an archer trying to hit the bullseye. Looking at these aspects of life that appear basic to our human nature is not meant to defeat or judge us, but to allow self-awareness to transfigure us. [read more via downloadable PDF]

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