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God’s Promise of Restoration

Despite the chilly weather last week, it is spring, and many of us are already toiling away on our yards, lawns and gardens.

Sign in front of park lawn: Area closed for lawn maintenanceNow that it’s springtime, many of us are resuming a once-a-week exercise routine we call … mowing the lawn! Some of us will pay someone else to do it.

But I actually enjoy mowing the lawn, and through the generosity of a friend now have a lawnmower so I can look forward mowing the lawn!

Often, however, mowing is simply the first step. After mowing, we may grab the weed eater (which reminds me, I still need one of these, a once-a-week loan of one during the summer would be great).

Of course, those who are particularly fussy might apply some grass shearers to more delicate or intricate areas. Many even roll and edge their lawn, apply weed killer and pesticides, dig out crabgrass and spread fertilizer.

As all this activity begins each year I am reminded of a favorite story; a conversation about grass between God and St. Francis. [read more via downloadable PDF]

Image credit: By Si Griffiths (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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Will You Take a Risk for Justice?

Our nation is currently being bombarded by anti-transgender legislation that would take away any protections for persons like me regarding use of a public bathroom, employment, housing, health care, and personal safety.

transgender symbolThese legislative bills are being pressed state by state, with the governor of Mississippi being the most recent to sign such a discriminatory bill into law.

If you believe providing such protections is a matter of expressing the kind of love for others Jesus challenges Peter to embrace, I invite you to join me in writing a letter stating the need for such protections, and sending it to our state leaders.

I realize this is a personal decision, and not everyone may feel led to do this; but if you do, please take the time to use this guide and compose a letter to send to your elected officials: [get the letter writing guide via downloadable PDF]

If you need information about your elected officials, CommonCause.org has an excellent elected officials search tool.