My name is David Weekley.

I am a Christian minister, a father, and husband. I am also a transgender man.

I used to live in stealth.

Because of my gender identity, I lived through many years of loneliness and deep unhappiness. Those were years I stayed away from the church. Not because I didn’t believe in God. My faith in God, and the Jesus I discovered in the gospels, was the only reason I survived that time. I stayed away from church because the church, for a transgender person, was a place of rejection and condemnation.

Even after God called me to the ministry, I hid my full identity.

I answered the Lord’s call faithfully and pastored churches successfully for 28 years. During that time I challenged the church to end discriminatory policies toward lesbian, gay, transgender, bisexual, and queer (LGBTQ) people. I wrote legislation, curriculum, and articles. I spoke at conferences and in the media, worked with local congregations and in national programs. But still I kept my gender identity a secret.

Then God called me again.

A few years ago it became clear to me it was time to stop hiding. There was work to be done I could only do if I came out publicly. So, I wrote my memoir, In from the Wilderness: She-r-man. Then, just before it was due to be released, I came out to my congregation in Portland, Oregon. By the next morning, my announcement was being broadcast nationally.

Now there is no going back.

Predictably, coming out as transgender upset some denominational applecarts, but it also allowed me to leave the wilderness of secrecy and isolation where I had spent so many years. My life will never be the same. Thank God!

Read the whole story in my book,
In from the Wilderness: She-r-man.

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